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Setera's Vision

At Setera we believe in a few basic principles. A job shouldn’t just be a place to make a paycheck, but a place where you can make a difference. An employer shouldn’t have to take second best when it comes to finding the right employee due to a shortage of qualified candidates. We believe candidates and employers can have it all with just a phone call.

Setera provides high quality screening for both candidates seeking to expand their careers and employers who want qualified applicants without spending all their time on background and endless reference checks.


Setera for Employers

At Setera all searches are confidential.  This is crucial in the hiring and recruitment process and we respect that basic principle. We ingrain ourselves in your business philosophies by developing a deep understanding of your business process, policies and individual personalities. After this extensive fact finding, we will begin our search. We treat hiring for you the same as if we were hiring for ourselves, and given our deep understanding of the accounting industry, we get it. We look for leaders, not followers.


Setera for Job Seekers

We believe that your wants and needs are important. We perform a custom search based on your current qualifications, salary, benefits and the corporate culture you desire.  Call us today to start your new future. We are here to listen.

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